Casino Security Measures

The question of casino security is the most critical issue all players are worried about. Both casino types, land based and online are trying to provide sufficient security level. Read our article and you will be aware of the main aspects of casino security and what are the top ten online casino sites.

Live Casino Security

As there are large amounts of money in every land casino, the temptation of beating the dealer or earning easy money by unfair methods exists for both players and casino staff. There were a lot of cases in the past when people committed crimes, whether a cheating or stealing. With this on purpose land all casinos are trying to do their best in providing all possible security measures in order to prevent such cases.

Casino security is usually divided on a physical security force and a surveillance department. The first one consists of specialized guards which patrol the casino floor and report of some suspicious and criminal activities. A surveillance department includes professionally trained employees which operate a closed circuit television system of a casino (eye in the sky). It is possible to detect some misconduct by players or employees with the help of this system.

Online Casino Security

Most online casinos apply the same encryption practices which are used by most of the government financial institutions and their banking services. If you want to check a security level your online casino uses, you should find a "security" link on the main page of a casino's site. For, example, if you see that a casino is protected by "128-bit SSL encryption" you can be sure that this casino provides a reliable security level.

And of course, the soft provider plays a significant role in the building of casino's security. There some top rated online casino soft suppliers which provide their online casinos not only with all the games and design, but also with security measures.

Top Ten Online Casino Sites

  • Europa Casino - PlayTech
  • Casino Tropez - PlayTech
  • Vegas Red Casino - PlayTech
  • Roxy Palace Casino - Microgaming
  • Casino Splendido - Microgaming
  • Casino 770 - FASTCPU
  • Eurogrand - PlayTech
  • Swiss Casino - PlayTech
  • Casino - Proprietary
  • William Hill Casino - PlayTech