Web Privacy Policy


Several steps have been taken by our website as well as its consultants for protecting the reliability of its networks and compute system. The steps that have been taken include, but not restricted to, security of data that is transferred, individual authentication, security monitoring, encryption and auditing of information. The security measures and methods have been incorporated in the implementation and design as well as daily practices of the whole website.

Disclaimer of other external links

The web pages consist of links to numerous web sites that are operated by different government agencies, private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Whenever you link to other site, you will not be on the site and the privacy plan of this site will not apply them to any other site. On linking to other website, you will be subjected to the privacy statement of the website that you visit.

The links to some of the website that are out of the State Government are merely offered for the convenience of the users. None of the agencies of State of Arizona will have any control or will be responsible for the content and the policies of any other third party website. Neither any agency, nor State of Arizona, other employee, contractor, nor officer of State of Arizona guarantee the reliability, timeliness, or accuracy of the information that is published by the system, nor do they endorse any viewpoints, content, products or services that are linked from the system.

They will not be held accountable for any losses, which are caused because of reliance of accuracy, timeliness or reliability of that information. Some part of such information might be outdated or inaccurate. If any body relies on any such information that is obtained from the system, then it is done at their own risk and no body else will be held responsible for this.

Public Notifications

If there is any event of security breach concerned to personal information and following the pertinent law enforcement agencies decided that notifications given to the public shall not hold back any criminal investigation or will threaten national or state security, then the site will give notifications to its recipients or clients in a very expeditious way if possible. This means that it will be done in compliance with state and federal laws.

The privacy policy can be amended when needed

The privacy policy might be revised and updated at time, so you should remember to check the policy on a regular basis, to get any notice of any sort of substantive alteration to the way in which information was disclosed by you on the website and the way it is gathered, utilized or distributed.