How Not To Play Poker

When it comes to the game of poker there are a good deal of does and don’ts involved. Search the internet and you’ll find any number of guides which will teach you the basics and show you how to win, but there aren’t that many that tell you how not to play and show players the basic mistakes that the vast majority of players make. For many new players learning about the common mistakes can be as vital to their learning process as learning the how to’s of playing poker.

The number one tip in how not to play poker is that you shouldn’t stay in for every hand. This can be quite frustrating to new players who just want to play poker and fine tune their new skills. If you are not playing for money then it could be okay to stay in for every hand just to see how the hands go, but if there is money involved it is often found the more players stay in the more they lose. Be selective about the hands you play and you’ll find you win more often, visit online poker room to try out this tip.

Another area of poker that new players are keen to try out is bluffing. If you want to lose at poker go for it, but if you actually want to win and become more experienced save bluffing for more advanced players. Bluffing can take a lot of practice and new players have a tendency to over bluff meaning the other players will easily work out when you are not being sincere. Why not try out this tip, click here.

The final tip on how not to play poker is don’t stay in a hand just because you are already in it. It can be easy to see the money you’ve already put in and think you might as well stay in it. If you know you are beaten and there are better hands out there fold and save the remainder of your money for another hand.