Hit and Stand Rules at Blackjack

With the advent of online casinos, specialists have opened many new possibilities for playing Blackjack online from a home computer without the need of venturing to the nearest casino. Online blackjack gives you many opportunities to learn the basics of the game and practice a bit and get to the more advanced strategies. William Hill online gaming website give you a possibility to apply these strategies to win some cash while playing your favourite game. Practice is everything in blackjack!

Blackjack Strategies

While many authors claim to have found "foolproof system" for games of chance such as craps or roulette, a group of mathematicians came up with a real strategy, strong and reliable. Many casinos even sell these tables booklets printed in pocket. Although these strategies will not guarantee that you will win every time you use them, they are certain to increase your chances of winning and make decisions much more quickly and easily. Below, we share some online Blackjack strategies that are crucial to help you have fun and start making profit.


Once you get first two cards, it is possible to select another card, this way; you will be able to increase your chances of getting better values.


If you choose not to ask for more cards, you can "plant" with the value of their cards. You can let the dealer know, with a simply saying "I stand", or with a quick movement with your hand. Online blackjack rules allow you to stand with any hand that is worth twenty or less.

Note: In most blackjack games, the dealer must hit if his hand chart for a total of sixteen or less. Some casinos allow the dealer ask seventeen letter with a "soft" (i.e., an ace and a six). These rules are very common and are a great disadvantage to the player.


This special rule allows you to double your original bet in exchange for receiving a single letter, just one more after its first two original letters. The rules vary between casinos, so you have to ask the dealer or find out when I will make this bet. Although some casinos allow doubling down on any two cards, others have some rules that limit the chances of turning a couple of letters with certain value (typically usually a nine, ten or eleven).


 If your first two cards have the same value (i.e., 5/5, 8/8 or Rey/10), you can make an additional bet and split your hand into two new hands. In this way, you can ask at least one additional card for each new hand. Online Blackjack rules also differ from casino to casino as to what you can and cannot do when you split aces, the tens or choose to double or split your hand again.


Some casinos offer the option to "surrender" after receiving the first two cards. This online blackjack strategy gives you the option to leave their hands in exchange for half his original bet. If you have a weak pair in your hand (usually worth between 0:16) and the dealer shows a ten-value card as the card face up, the "surrender" may be your best option to minimize your losses.

Blackjack tables online strategies can help players to make decisions when you can take advantage of opportunities to fold. Many players will fold if they have a total of eleven at the beginning of the online blackjack game, regardless of the dealer's up card. Since then exit probability that an eight, nine or ten are above forty percent, this gives a very good chance to get a bigger bet and improve their profit.