Cryptologic is the leading software provider of online casino games. The company came into existence in 1996 and was into encryption or conversion of computer data into cipher or code. But the company later entered into the internet gambling world when it recognised the great potential available in the industry.

Since then the Cryptologic has continues to distinguish itself through excellent services. Thus, they are sometimes called grand fathers of the internet gambling. The company has established itself as well reputable and highly trusted online casino software provider that offers highly rated online casino games.


Cryptologic is among the online casino software providers that have gone public. The company glory in their fantastic services which they continue to improve. This adds more to the gambling experience of many players and also the casinos that are being powered by Cryptologic. With regard to trust as well as accountability, the company has continued to beat others hands down by setting a standard for them to follow.

Through their software which has been developed for many years, they are able to avail to gamblers multiple online casino games to choose from. Cryptologic can boast of more than 100 internet casino games that are highly interesting and exciting. Through their partnership with Marvel Cosmics such interesting online casino games as The incredible Hulk, Punisher, The Spiderman and a whole lot of others have seen the light of the day.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Cryptologic is innovation. The company has continued to be the first in providing players as well as casinos with high quality online casino games.