Cheating at a Casino

Taking into consideration the fact that the history of casino industry started in 1638, it is no wonder that for these many years' casino players set up different strategies and system for nearly each casino game as well as casino cheating methods. There are a lot of cases when both casinos and player cheat.

Cheating at Slots Machines

Slots machines are considered to be the most susceptible to cheating as there is no a dealer who watches players for cheating. There are only cameras in casinos which control both players and employees on the casino floor.

Tommy Glen Carmichael, a famous slots machine cheater, invented a device which made a slot machine payout. He perfectly investigated the mechanical principle of slot machines and exploited its weaknesses. Carmichael has actually built his career out of slots machine cheating. In 1985 he was caught and arrested.

Cheating at Casino Table Games

There is one effective and famous blackjack cheating method which is called "sleight of hand". The main principle is that a player switches his card with a hidden one during the game.

Luckily, any live online casino is protected from such cheating, as it's technically impossible.

The biggest scandal concerning casino table games cheating refers to blackjack card counting. As most people know, card counting is, in fact, legal. Casinos are not entitled to charge a card counter as a cheater as a person who can count cards use his/ her good memory only, but casinos do reserve the right to ban a player.

Cheating at the Roulette Table

There was a group of players in the past who invented a device with the help of which it was possible to influence the roulette ball and predict an approximate number of pocket it was going to fall into. This device was small enough, so cheaters hid this device in their shoes.

As you can see, players are tend to be innovative when it comes to casino games. But every player should remember that nowadays it is almost impossible to evade all that numerous security measures all casinos provide in order to avoid cases of cheating.