Gambling Books

There are a lot of different gambling books which can help a casino beginner to understand more the main aspects of classic casino games. Among the most respected authors are James Wrethman, Carl Sampson, David Kushner, Richard Marcus and Stanford Wong. Bellow you can read short reviews of books of these authors.

Famous Casino Books

  1. James Wrethman "An Occupational Hazard"

    The events are developing in the Ventura Casino 1974. The story opens intriguing events connected with the staff of the Ventura Casino. The naivety of the main character leads her into different troubles connected with the opposite side of the fascinating gambling world.

  2. Carl Sampson "Killer Roulette: How to Beat the Unbeatable"

    This casino book tells its readers the story about daring roulette players who managed to win big in casinos during many years. The author draws a line between a perfect casino world and the real one.

  3. David Kushner "Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kind"

    The main character of this book is Jon Finkel, a poker player which later became a member of a large blackjack team which took Las Vegas for millions.

  4. Richard Marcus "American Roulette"

    Richard Marcus was a member of a casino rip-off gang. In his book he tells different stories about casinos his gang hit, methods they used and the problems they faced. His book is not a manual of how to scam in the casino; "American Roulette" gives some casino tips and the basic notion of who to succeed at the roulette table.

  5. Stanford Wong "Professional Blackjack"

    "Professional Blackjack" is a definitive handbook of professional card counting. The author describes Basic Blackjack Strategy at great length for players to maximize their position at the blackjack table without counting cards. And then he explains one of the card counting systems called Hi-Lo. Blackjack players will find different effective betting strategies for every blackjack game variation.